The Green Mile / Зеленая миля
OST The Green Mile / Зеленая миля
Альбом: The Green Mile - soundtrack / Зеленая миля - саундтрек
Год выхода: 1999
Композитор: Thomas Newman
Звук: MP3 128 Kbps
Размер: 90,7 Mb

1.Thomas Newman - Old Alabama (song)
2.Thomas Newman - Monstrous Big
3.Thomas Newman - The Two Dead Girls
4.Thomas Newman - The Mouse On The Mile
5.Thomas Newman - Foolishment
6.Thomas Newman - Billy Be Frigged
7.Thomas Newman - Coffey’s Hands
8.Thomas Newman - Cheek To Cheek
9.Thomas Newman - Condemned Man
10.Thomas Newman - Limp Noodle
11.Thomas Newman - Scared Of The Dark
12.Thomas Newman - Wild Bill
13.Thomas Newman - Cigar Box
14.Thomas Newman - Circus Mouse
15.Thomas Newman - The Bad Death Of Eduard Delacroix
16.Thomas Newman - Boy’s Eye
17.Thomas Newman - Two Run-Throughs
18.Thomas Newman - Red Over Green
19.Billie Holiday - I Can’t Give You Anything But
20.Thomas Newman - That’s The Deal
21.Thomas Newman - L’homme Mauvais
22.Thomas Newman - An Offense To The Heart
23.Thomas Newman - Morphine & Cola
24.Thomas Newman - Night Journey
25.Thomas Newman - Danger Of Hell
26.Thomas Newman - Done Tom Turkey
27.Thomas Newman - Did You Ever See A Dream Walking (Peformed by Gene Austin)
28.Thomas Newman - Trapingus Parish
29.Thomas Newman - Boogeyman
30.Thomas Newman - Shine My Knob
31.Thomas Newman - Briar Ridge
32.Thomas Newman - Coffey On The Mile
33.Thomas Newman - Punishment
34.Guy Lombardo and His Royal Can - Charmaine
35.Thomas Newman - Now Long Gone
36.Thomas Newman - No Exceptions
37.Thomas Newman - The Green Mile

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